Premium Onsite Setup

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• Onsite Delivery of equipment and setup - BAPOS will neatly install all computers and peripherals and test thoroughly

• Installation of up to 12 network cables for computers and remote printers (kitchen/bar)

• 6 Hours Menu Creation - BAPOS will take your menu/items and input it into the system with custom button schemes and modifier buildouts - you will check the setup and make as many any change requests as needed until you are satisfied

• 2 Hours pre-launch day training with the staff and management on order entry and "back of the house" functions for management

• 10 hours of "go-live" day training - BAPOS will be present on first use of the system for 1 full day and 1 shift or half day at your business

• **30 days phone/remote support


 Call now with questions or for a custom quote: 251-202-3111

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